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New Astrology for Larry

This astrology combines western and eastern astrology. I think it is very interesting. Here is my combo sign:

The Sagittarius/Dragon

Unafraid to shine a beacon into the darkest corners of life, this Dragon most always succeeds at building a stimulating life. These people court danger, but are rarely injured. Sentimental and caring, this Sagittarius delivers on all promises.


An admirable but not always gentle character, the Sagittarius/Dragon is a warrior on the grand scale. These people are attractive and ambitious. They believe in success and forge ahead with bravura toward that aim. Never bullish or hotheaded, this character’s style is gentlemanly and dignified. Sagittarius/Dragons are not afraid of danger. They take great risks and even court peril. They dance around the flame of adventure and derring-do but they rarely get seriously burned. Dragons born in Sagittarius outwit their enemies, hoist them on their own petards and invite them to lunch the next day. Victory, after all, calls for a celebration. Nobody can match this fire-breathing powerhouse in the bedroom. Being sentimental, he or she makes much of marriage and proves an excellent parent. He likes a busy life, crowded with kin and festivity. These crowds are never invited to the bedroom. The Sag/Dragon is an arch romantic. A thousand candles lit in honor of one sexual exploit could never be enough.


Wood is characterized by the color green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood’s influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.

Chinese Astrology of Larry

My friend Matt told me that he found Chinese astrology to be accurate and interesting for him so I thought why not check it out for myself since I really never learned anything about it.? Here is my info :

Animal : DragonElement : Wood
Yin / Yang : YangPlanet : Jupiter
Fixed Element : WoodColor : Green
People born during the year of Dragon are believed to be the most fortunate and it appears that they have magical traits. Dragons are robust, Passionate and their life is filled with complexity. They are very energetic and enthusiastic and almost unpredictable. A person born in the year of dragon is compatible with the people born in the year of Monkey but they are not compatible with people born in the year of Dog.

Random Famous Personality : Bruce Lee ( Martial Arts )

Chinese Symbols
Animal Symbol
Ancient Symbol
Element Symbol
The Dragon
The Morning
Brief Description
Dragons are witty, enthusiastic, popular, intelligent and gifted yet are also perfectionists.
Positive Traits
vibrant, magnanimous, charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, discriminating, compelling, sentimental, accomplished, noble-hearted, healthy and prodigiously shrewd
Negative Traits
bombastic, dissatisfied, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, mawkish, egocentric, defensive, power-mad, foolhardy, willful and pompous

This seems to align with western thought since I am a Sagittarius Sun and Rising, which points to Jupiter’s energy.