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Trying out FLOCK Browser

I downloaded Flock which basically is a firefox browser with some extensions for many services such as facebook and flickr. To learn more, visit

Added Twitter Widget

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the hottest buns of all?”

I saw a friend of mine (Aman, located at has twitter on his blog so figured I would do the same. Looked on for the plugin and added it. By the way, twitter is kind of a mini blog that is just a word or two about what I am currently doing. Let me know if you have a twitter account so I can follow you as well.

To Browse or not to Browse


I have been using firefox by for a few years now as it seems less of a resource hog?than?internet?explorer when browsing the web. ?But lately it seems slower to me. ?So since I like playing with technology changes, I installed opera. ?I like it as it seems faster and sleeker. ?If you wanna try it, visit and for adblock addition, edit urlfilter.ini in %APPDATA%operaoperaprofile directory and add the following file and contents: ?

Updates to my website

Bob Cage and his daughter Laisha, 10, reach about 180 feet in the air as they ride the “Human Slingshot Ejection Seat” bungee ride at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls, Mont., Friday, Aug. 3, 2007. The ride features two high strength bungee cords tied to a steel cage which rocket the riders 180 feet straight into the air. (Robin Loznak/AP)

I have done a lot of changes to my website, my blog, and have a new hosting company since yahoo sux. Please have a look around and give me any feedback you like.? I fixed permalinks by migrating to a new host.? Yay.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Me holding a Parrot
OMG, I cannot believe this actually worked and I didnt have to panic. I went to IRC and asked some people for hand holding as I did it. But it went pretty smoothly. I guess perhaps last time I tried this and it failed that I did something in the process incorrectly. Anyhow, welcome to my new and improved blog! A side note, the permalinks no longer work so I have disabled that feature, if someone knows how to repair it, let me know 🙂