Monday Dream Girls

I went to take photos of the drag show and had a nice time. Also met with JC again and got some keys. I am excited about moving but still nervous since its new and change. I will be glad when it is all over and I am settled. Also had a good visit with Dane. All my mail is forwarded or address changed. I get the phone turned off here tomorrow then get new line at new place. They said DSL should be ready on Monday. Hope they give me most of the day tomorrow 🙂

Dragstrip and Hard Heros

Had a nice time at both events and got some really good costume shots of people in outfits for the themes. Preparing for move on thursday. I have all the prelim tasks done like address changes and transfer orders for phone,etc. I still am a little nervous as its change and will be new territory. But compared to not having a place, this is good 🙂 I plan to go get keys tonight for the new place. I informed current roomie of plans to leave as I felt being open with him would show that I have integrity (unlike some of the things I feel he did over last few weeks which did not). Anyhow, things are moving forward and the photos look good. So I am happy.