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I can breathe again

I think my head cold has subsided thank goodness.? I felt like a steaming pile of poo over the weekend.? I guess taking all that Vitamin C and drinking tons of OJ was helpful after all. I really need to quit smoking at night time as I know it kills my ability to sleep. Not to mention it is bad for my lungs.? And I am sure it made my cold last longer than normal.

Tried being Veggie , did not work out


I really thought it was better for me not to eat animals and attempt the vegetarian thing.? However after fighting to get enough protein and other nutrition and speaking with doctors, I decided, screw it.? If I go to hell for eating Elcee, tough 🙂

Eating Some Pasta

I am just chilling at home and made myself some pa-sketti. 

Wish me Luck


I am giving up cigs and caffeine for good.? It screws with my ability to get a good night’s sleep and makes me irritable. ? It also gives me heartburn and acid tummy.? And since I do a healthy diet, seems reasonable I should remove these other toxins too.? I am usually not an addictive type personality but for many years I have smoked a few cigarettes at night to help me sleep.? Of course, nicotine is a stimulant so this was a bogus illusion.? And coffee and tea give you a buzz in the morning but then in the afternoon you get this slump of energy and wonder why.? So here is to my health.

New Born Vegan

I did nothing in the way of photos since last cocktail night on thursday. I am going tonight to the abbey for an anniversary party. It should be fairly routine. I have been feeling a little better health wise due to the medication I am taking for digestion. I have a condition known as Crohns. It makes diet and other things quite hard. Well it has been about two months that I have gone totally Vegan. And I feel a lot better. I think the main reason I started was for diet but now I realize how cruel animals are handled for food processing. Thus I have no desire to eat meat or products from animals. I probably should not include this, however since those who know me understand that I am outspoken, I will mention it. My dad worked for one of the big chemical companies that develops hormones for the farm animals. It makes the animals yield more milk and also modifies their structure to be less fatty. This was quite a controversial topic at our dinner table when I was a teen. It will be interesting to hear his viewpoint on this when I visit the family in May. So I am a total vegan except for the one pair of leather shoes and jacket I own. 🙂