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It Never Rains In Southern California

Wilshire at Western
Wilshire at Western

Oh yes it does in the winter time quite often actually. ?Sometimes it even starts in November as illustrated in the following photo. ?And my thoughts on drivers that freak out in Los Angeles when it does rain. ?I have lived in Chicago, Portland, and LA now for 10 years. I speak from years of experience, knowledge, truth. People here in Los Angeles are clueless even without rain. Traffic is horrific always, and if you add rain to the equation, total disaster. However, as Sister Buffy would say “Los Angeles people do not focus outside the four walls of their vehicles because then it is not about driver/me”. Everyone here has a mild to severe case of NPD! ?There actually is a newer mental disorder that I believe is listed now in DSM V which is called “Unspecific Hollywood Generalized Personality Disorder”. ?I find that fact alone Hilarious! ?I think you have to live in Los Angeles for several years and get exposure to these people often to comprehend the sociology of it all here locally. ?I often try to explain it to people that do not live here and never do they quite get it. ?That is all for now.