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Mickys Play and Camarillo

I didnt go to Tommi show but worked Tuesday. No dance contest so I was bored as hell. I am hoping that is just temporary. Wednesday I took a trip to see Sharon and we had lunch and went to shops in Ventura. I am trying to arrange to get into LA Fetish Ball tonight. If not, I may stop by Popstarz.

Camarillo For the Day

I went to see my friend Sharon and we took a trip to Ventura after lunch. Its a quiant little town with tons of antique shops. My friend in chicago would have bought the entire store full of trinkets since he collects all of those things and his house looks like Macys at xmas time. Sharon really likes her new car. We both cant believe it still. Maybe next time I will talk her into a ride home instead of the train.

Long Beach Weekend

I stopped by Factory on friday for Popstarz. It was a good crowd. I always like seeing Rick, the manager as he is a very good guy. I went to Spit on saturday and then Long Beach Pride on sunday. Enjoyed both but it was a long day yesterday. Tonight I am going to Dream Girls again. Its getting to be same each time so hoping that Brad will not ask me to come too often. One of the dragqueens asked me on a date, and I took her card. I will not be following up since that isnt for me. He is nice but for dating, um, no. 🙂

Visit to Camarillo

Went to see Sharon. She almost bought the Highlander but we just test drove it and looked until she gets her settlement money. I enjoyed riding the train up there. I have been fascinated by trains ever since I was a child. I worked at Union Pacific as my first job! I am going to cover Popstarz at Factory tonight. I will introduce myself formally to Mark Howard(DJ).