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Tobacco facts

Cigarette manufacturing companies do not want you to know these following facts. The additives the tobacco are soaked in, seemingly harmless things like honey or chocolate or sugar, are in fact added, so that you will become more addicted to nicotine. Some of the chemicals you will find in every american cigarette: Carbon Monoxide, same stuff you would get if your wrapped your lips around a car muffler; Naphthalene, used to make mothballs and explosives; Arsenic, used normally to kill insects; Cyanide, yes the same stuff used in nazi gas chambers; Phenol and Ammonia, poisonous cleaning agents. So then why does a person keep smoking when they know it is bad for them like I did? Simple: Addiction to nicotine in your brain is more powerful than addiction to heroin! That is right. If I was sticking a needle in my arm and getting high every day from heroin, I could stop that more easily than stopping smoking. I would go through a violent withdrawal for a day and would be over it. The addiction to nicotine, is much more subtle. That is what the cigarette makers want! The key to understanding this is that cigarettes are designed to deliver nicotine into your brain very efficiently. And though it may be true that the nicotine will not kill you, all the other contents of the smoke will. Consider this: When a doctor prescribes you a medication, the chemist has gone through years of research to determine all the effects of that drug on your body. In that case, it is helpful to you. In the case of the tobacco company, they used chemists and rats to determine the best way to get you addicted to nicotine, and keep you that way, so you keep spending money at the expense of your health and the gain of Phillip Morris,Marlboro, RJ Reynolds, and most of the other manufacturers located mostly in North Carolina. The only enjoyment you will ever get from smoking is when you decide to stop! The addiction to this substance, nicotine, is so powerful, that it falsely made me believe it was helping me get a good nights sleep, when in fact, it caused my heart to race and my breathing to become heavy, to compensate for the poison I had just inhaled. I think the real key to quitting the habit is to realize how filthy and disgusting it is. Would you scoop up a pile of camel crap and eat it if it contained nicotine? Probably only if someone fooled you into starting it once, just like a cigarette.