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Trip to Long Beach

Long Beach Pier

Pond by Hilton

Fountain at Entrance

Queen Mary Ship

Mock Pirate Ship

Bridge to Pier

Blue Line Stop

Yard of Trucks

Guess Who

Me Again

I took a trip down to long beach to be near the ocean. I had not gone down to the pier area before. It was a nice sunny day so I got some good shots even with my small travel camera. It was an exercise in grounding. I needed to be near water according to my spirit guide. So I went on the train and did feel better after spending the day there. I have been reading a few books on Wicca which is the religion which I practice. Its difficult to explain to those who follow the judeo-christian model ; however, lets just say it allows a person to live as one with the earth. I am what is called a Green Witch. If you want to know what that means, look it up 🙂