Hot Rod and slow week end

I took only a few photos at Hot Rod but had a nice time. Did not go out Thurs as I needed to get up early for san diego pride trip. I went and got the rental car and it took me almost 6 hours in traffic to arrive. To my suprise, the hotel was like a dormitory with shared bathrooms and showers and no a/c in the tiny room. I went to visit with the SD sisters and then decided to drive home. I got back in 2 hours since there was no traffic but was disappointed that I did not get the vacation I was expecting. I wrote JH a note. We shall see if he is mad over all of it or not.

Mickys Play

Went to regular tuesday night and they decided to do a wet shorts contest. Three guys entered. I think it was kinda fun. We shall see if they stick with this theme or go back to dancing contests. I am trying to arrange for the trip to san diego. There are a lot of events and since I dont know the area I am kinda nervous. But Tony reassured me and I think I will still go. And I am hoping Jack will come along too

Roomie Update

I spoke at length to my roomie about issues he had with our living arrangement. Basically we agreed on bills, food, etc and we are going to keep it on a professional level instead of being friends. He has things he needs to focus on in his life and its best if I don’t have to be included in that. I still would ultimately like to find a place of my own. I guess the first step towards that goal is to get credit reports cleaned up. Then it should not be as difficult. My friend suggested I call one of those credit counseling places which is non-profit and would help out. I will look and make some calls this week. Here are few photos from Mickys Decade last night. Saw some friends and had nice evening.

Weekend and Roomie

I went last night to APLA Summer Party at Paramount. The body painting was a lot of fun and took a good number of photos of the people that the artist painted. Saw some regular people that I do in the scene. I was able to take my mind off the roomie thing somehow. Today however, I am still contemplating options. Briefly, the roomie decided to get high drama on me and nit pick everything from utilities (high elec bills, etc) to lifestyle diffs (neat vs clean). He has a lot of personal issues and that is affecting me. I ultimately would love to find my own apartment someday if that is possible. I have a lot of constraints that make it restricted. I want to be in weho, I need to be close to public transit, I dont want something cheapy, etc. So if anyone reads this and knows of something nice for under 900 a month, please email me.

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