Week Visit in Midwest

I went back to see my family (parents,sister,kids) for 6 days. It was nice to catch up with them on family matters. The nicest part of the trip was a visit to the Botanical Gardens where there were exhibits of Chihuly glass sculptures embedded within plant life. I found it quite pretty. Here are some of the photos I took with my small camera.

LA Pimp at Ivar

Hostess Door Drag
Shokra performs
Golden Boys
Go Go Gold Tattoo
Mikey Shower Boy
I went on Saturday night to a new club called Pimp. It was a cool space and reminded me a little bit of Cherry. It was nice to go to hollywood for a change instead of the weho thing. I mostly took photos of the performers and a few candids. Also decided not to go to Long Beach Pride today. I guess I am not feeling very gay-proud after all these years. I will have to motivate for LA pride so perhaps giving this one a rest is a good thing. Just could not bring myself to going on the train for 2 hours in white face. Ah well, the sisters will have to forgive me.

Cocktails with Billy Brandt

Jason and Paulo
Billy Brandt
Billy’s behind
Livonia and Paulo
Last night I worked at Mickys as usual. Billy Brandy was the guest. I was kind of shocked at how different he looked from 2 years ago when I last saw him. I ran into Livonia and company as well as Billy Masters. He was telling me how he read an earlier entry about how he has a bigger mouth than Jason Sechrest and thought I liked him better. I told him it was just an observation and no harm meant. He is just one of the new yorker types that speaks loudly and says what ever they wish. Nothing wrong with it. Anyhow here are some of the photos.

Dragstrip Mommie Dearest

Christina gets a spanking
Kay Sedia from Chico’s Angels
Momma, Mia, and Christopher
Tim as Joan pulling gum for a pose
Glen as Joan in red
I had a lot of fun at dragstrip as I always do. I took a lot of fun photos and saw a lot of friends. I was afraid most everyone would come as Joan, but there were some creative different costumes. Here are some samples.

Cocktails with Matthew Rush

Chi Chi LaRue and Brent Corrigan
Matthew Rush, Jason DeBeers, Chi Chi LaRue, and Jason Ridge Chi Chi LaRue, Zeb Atlas, Matthew Rush
Matthew Rush and Jason Ridge
Chi Chi LaRue and Hugo
I had a lot of fun seeing Chi Chi and several other porn guys. My friend in chicago will be quite pleased and jealous that Brent Corrigan let me take his photo several times. Among others there were Jason Ridge, Zeb Atlas, and the guest was Matthew Rush. I am sitting at Starbucks in weho right now doing my photo work, and this group of teen kids who are on a field trip just walked past the window. They all were waving and pointing(gee I guess it was my mohawk). Little did the one hot boy who had the eyebrow ring know that I really wanted to take him into the bathroom and use him!