Cocktails with Antton Harri

Antton Harri

Antton smiling

Scorpion Tattoo Guy Vin Nolan

Antton takes pants off

Scott kisses Antton

Antton with Alexis Arquette

Antton signs a butt

Antton and Colin

Last night was a good crowd and the guest was fun. A few others came up on stage as well. So that made things even more interesting. I liked the scorpion tattoo on the one guy. I asked Antton to sign a model release but he said he needed to check with Colt first. So until I have authority to sell the images, I have just shared them for display only. You can see all of them with the link HERE

Weho XXX Awards

Chi Chi LaRue

Sebastian Young

Cort Donovan and Synergy

Sister Dixie Wrecked And Sister Erotica Psychotica

Miguel from on stage

Gio from on stage

Landon from on stage

Trevor Knight

Chris Rockway of Randy Blue

Kris Gates of Mike Hancock

All I can say is that the place was packed with both audience and porn guys. So I had lots to photograph. My only complaint was they used that damn fog machine and a few of my pictures are hazy. But I think I fixed most of them. Here are some samples. To see all 115 of them, please Click Here

Mickys Play and Toaster

I forgot that I needed to post yesterday after uploading my photos from Mickys. I guess I got carried away in conversation with someone in the coffee shop where I typically work. At any rate, I had a nice time tues night and this morning got an email saying toaster magazine is live. So I went onto the site and sure enough, there was the interview of myself done by Ron. Please have a look at the following location Toaster Interview

I think he got a good idea of what I am all about. Here are a few shots from the club. It was valentines but I didnt find mine yet.