Cocktails with Antton Harri

Antton Harri

Antton smiling

Scorpion Tattoo Guy Vin Nolan

Antton takes pants off

Scott kisses Antton

Antton with Alexis Arquette

Antton signs a butt

Antton and Colin

Last night was a good crowd and the guest was fun. A few others came up on stage as well. So that made things even more interesting. I liked the scorpion tattoo on the one guy. I asked Antton to sign a model release but he said he needed to check with Colt first. So until I have authority to sell the images, I have just shared them for display only. You can see all of them with the link HERE

2 thoughts on “Cocktails with Antton Harri”

  1. I like Antton Harri very much. He’s such a cute guy. I wish that someday I will meet him and have fun with him. Even I saw of his photo which I can’t believe that he did (man to man sex), I admire so much.

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