Cocktails with Jason Ridge

Jason Ridge shows some!

Jason Ridge and Colin ONeil

Jason Ridge

Scotty B

Jason Ridge

Jason Ridge

Jason Ridge

I had a nice evening with Scotty and Jason Ridge. He seems like a down to earth type guy. I still have not figured out what motivates a person to go into porn other than exhibitionism. I guess my ideas about sex are old fashioned. I prefer sleeping with someone I am attracted to. Exchange of money for sex seems wrong to me. Oh well I guess that some people need that avenue for certain reasons.

3 thoughts on “Cocktails with Jason Ridge”

  1. es un actor mui lindo io lo amo pero en fin….
    bueno ps solo dejo mi coment i me voe te amo
    sale actua shido me encantan sus peliculas salm me
    boe shau!!!

    beos par


    I Love Jason Ridge

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