Malpractice Update

I have almost all of my medical records, and my file should be complete by the end of this week.? I am then going to take the file to the malpractice insurance company for their review.? I am hopeful that when a physician reviews the bad things that happened to me (due to the drug I was erroneously given), that in the end, the insurance company will offer me some kind of settlement.? According to a friend who had something similar occur but not with a doctor, he thinks the insurance company will be diligent and quick about giving me a settlement.? I sure hope so.? I really can use some extra money.


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  1. Good luck with your suit Larry. Seems he done you wrong. MY boyfriend has Chrons Disease and has had it under control with Pentasa and an amazing healthy diet with meat, no vegtables because of a restriction in the bowel. No chrons flare ups in 14 years. We wish you well.
    HughE & Mike

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