After Dragstrip

I had a really great time last night. I got so many photos considering it was just a normal night as far as attendance and performances. But I guess I was on a mission and got almost 150 photos. I kept about 114 of them for posting on and used new album layout/software. I hope everyone likes it. I emailed Paul V about next weekend and hope he understands the commitment I made for LAL weekend with Sisters. As for moving, I think I am gonna relax for a few weeks and aim for a May 1 thing instead. I still have not decided about IML as I am waiting for media guy to confirm my press pass. I would like going for a visit but the tickets are going for over 200 now and wondering if I shouldnt save my money. I will decide this week.

After GayVN Awards

I had a nice time at AVN after party at Abbey. Still casually looking for new place to live but no real leads at this time. Dragstrip is tomorrow night. I told Eddie I would go with him and his Mom to garment district before hand. That is if I can get up early enough. Oh, I went to Hot Rod but did not take my camera. I was bummed because the bartenders were all made up and the performers were good. Ah well, there is always next week.

Mickys Play

Arent his panties cute?

Photos N Stuff

I had fun last night at Mickys as you can see from the photo. I looked at a few places and have started a casual search of apartments or roomie type things. I have time and have decided not to stress about it anymore. I figure over next several months, something should fall into place. Until then, I am focusing on friends and photography and charity work. I am trying to arrange to go see the Gay AVN awards tomorrow night at Rage. It would make for some good PR and photos. I think they turned down IN mag staff but I am going to see if Bobby will let me up in the DJ booth. I should know by tomorrow. I might stop by Hot Rod since I missed it last week. Oh, the ARA Artseen show was fun and Mark took funny pics of me in the “pill ride” sculpture.