Before Oscars

I had a nice time at the IN LA Magazine 7th anniversary and got many photos. Saw a lot of people I knew and some I didnt expect to see. I might go to sister leather function tonight since I have no other plans but not sure if I am in the mood for silverlake and the crowd at gauntlet. So I will decide later tonight. MaryAnn asked if I would do oscars at mickys and I had to decline since I am doing the two benefits. I have to admit, I am nervous about making sure I get all the shots needed between the two spots even though they are next door. I am sure it will all work out as things usually do.


Spit was okay but it was raining and the tarp did not cover much. Paul did the contest but just wasnt the same. I took down the photo of a girl who flashed her breast even though it was the funniest photo. 🙂 I am trying to figure out the weekend plans for the oscar mess. I think I am going to the Here Bar event to benefit Trevor. I spoke to Chris at APLA and he said no thanks for coming to Abbey as well. I think they are snobs at APLA. I left a long winded message for Jeremy (IN) and told him to call Chris and have me invited if he wants. Otherwise, I will just plan on going to Trevor one. For Friday he asked that I take pictures for the magazine anniversary party. Said he would pay me too. Tonight I work at Mickys. Should be okay crowd because its been raining for so long that people will come out regardless. As for sister biz, I might go satruday to ashram west leather dealio, but not really thrilled about that. I will see what else comes up.

First Entry

I decided to start a blog for my loving fans. Mostly I want to detail my photo work, my sister work, and any other general things about my life that arent too much of a personal nature for the public domain. So to go back about a week, I enjoyed dragstrip a lot. You will find those pics at in the galleries as usual. Monday I went to Valentines Alternative at Rage as Guard. I had a very nice time and saw many people I knew. Tuesday I did my usual at Mickys Play. I am very impressed with myself at how dedicated I have been over 2 years on a weekly basis. I still get good shots and I think the patrons really like me. Chilled on Wed. Went to wet shorts contest with Mike yesterday. Got a few photos which I will email to Charlie(bar mgr) and maybe to Ken(writer of silverlake column). Nothing exciting today. I am going to Spit tomorrow and then hopefully to a Fairie gathering on Sunday. Update to come next week. Thanks for listening.