Mickys Play

Boys having fun on the dance floor

Roomie Update

Pretty quiet week and weekend after tuesday. Did not go out at all really. I went last nite to see Finger’s new apt. Its nice and he seems happy. Now for my living situation. I spoke to my roomie at length and after going back and forth about it, we decided I have until July 1 to find a new place. He agreed to help me pack and move when the time comes. But I still am rather upset that I have to do this again so soon after finding something that I thought to be a little more permanent. Anyway, I am looking at listings and starting a real search. I have a feeling its going to be tough again but trying to look at bright side that I have 4 months to find something. I am no longer worried and have started looking at rooms for rent. I think I have sufficient time and will be able to do this.

Bel Ami Boys

Bel Ami Boys at Different Light

After Oscars and Roomie

I covered both Oscar parties and got some nice shots of celebs. The only big name was Jennifer Love Hewitt. I went Monday to a book signing of the Bel Ami stars. They still look good but less boyish these days. They were very polite and professional and were very comfortable in front of a camera. Mickys was fun with the contest and such. Took plenty of shots and had to select best ones. I may go to Hot Rod or Bingo tonight (to see Coco). Have not decided yet. So overall, photo things are going well. I said I was not going to put a lot of personal stuff in this journal but decided to mention my roomie situation. He informed me yesterday that he would like to have whole place for himself (no reflection on me). After not even 1 year at this place, I was worried about another move so soon. Well to make a long story short, I am waiting and not going to do any searching. I have too many other things going on to worry about moving at this time. I will revisit this topic with him in a few months and decide further action then.