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Wet Shorts And La BOL Roles

Going to Gauntlet two nights in a row so should be interesting. I wanted to post some old photos from the past that I thought were a hoot. Had fun at gauntlet for wet shorts then for la boys of leather role reversal. Had nice time there as well

Dream Girls

Chad as Cher


Went to see Dream Girls and had fun but was kinda shocked by Hunter when I gave him the poster he really hit on me. And later gave me a ride home. I am just not sure I could consider dating an actual drag queen. Tuesday play was fine. Kinda dead actually. Contest was boring too. Of course I got a hand full of photos as needed but had a lousy time overall. Oh well, cant have fun there every week, right?

Downtown LA

Downtown LA

Easter Weekend

Well the rest of my week was pretty uneventful. End of the month tends to be that way. Still thinking a lot about the moving situation and trying to decide if I should try for my own place or get another room mate. I have time so I am not going to stress. I took a day trip downtown on thursday and got a few fun photos. LA downtown just isnt like a real city like new york. Ah well. Its where I live for now 🙂