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Gay Men

Weho XXX Awards

Chi Chi LaRue

Sebastian Young

Cort Donovan and Synergy

Sister Dixie Wrecked And Sister Erotica Psychotica

Miguel from on stage

Gio from on stage

Landon from on stage

Trevor Knight

Chris Rockway of Randy Blue

Kris Gates of Mike Hancock

All I can say is that the place was packed with both audience and porn guys. So I had lots to photograph. My only complaint was they used that damn fog machine and a few of my pictures are hazy. But I think I fixed most of them. Here are some samples. To see all 115 of them, please Click Here

Cocktails with Marco Paris

Marco signs a butt
Patron drops pants
Marco smiles
Marco shows butt
Marco Paris

Cocktail hour was pretty routine with the guest Marco Paris. Scott is getting better at involving the audience and keeping their interest. I found myself laughing at some of the jokes. Oh and one of the regular patrons told me they enjoy my laugh and that it shows what a kind person I am. Well that is true for the most part unless someone disrespects me or betrays me. Speaking of which, the photographer whom I used to work with named Tony, well, our partnership is no longer. He is a flake, a poor amateur, unstable, and unreliable. Ok that is too harsh.? He has a few things he needs to learn before he calls himself a professional photographer.? Exposure errors and other things occur in most of his photos.? At most of his events, he will take 500 photos and keep 100. Instead of going for quality, he goes for quantity by just holding down the shutter button. That is not how a talented photographer operates. I tried to help him in that error many times but he would not listen. Thus after a lot of discussions with friends, I have determined it is best if we go our separate ways. I tried to phone and email him to resolve issues on several occasions but he, of course, only ignored me and acted like a child. Oh well, live and learn. A note, all of my work will be only at He will be keeping another website for his events and has taken ownership of that domain. I will not be associated to it anymore.

Gay Porn Expo 2006

Tyler Riggs
Jeff models fetish wear
Sister Unity Devine
Rusty of Rentboys dot com
Jackie Beat

I had a nice time yesterday at the expo. I wish it was as big as the one in new york is. A lot of the large studios like Colt do not come to this one. And it seems you walk in circles forever. Ah well. The show was fun with Jackie Beat and I got some good pics of the porn guys.

Cocktails with Tony Da Vinci

I had a nice time with Tony and Jason last night. He claimed to be fairly straight but just something about guys who perform for other guys…they usually are shall we say open. Anyway he had a nice smile and great bod. He was very photogenic. Have a look.

Abbey 15 Year Anniv

Lobster Anyone?
Bobby Trendy, Brian, Friend
Chi Chi LaRue
I went last night to a private party at the Abbey. It was all decked out in white carpeting and white easy chairs. David even hired a private orchestra. It was really nice. I saw several people I knew and socialized a bit. It was strange at the end of the night when I was awaiting orders to take a photo of Christina Aguilera. However, she decided no photos to be allowed. Lets just say I was annoyed. I mean she knew there were photographers at the event. She should have been nice and allowed us to take a few select shots and been done. My opinion of a famous person drops when they are not cooperative with the media. Sorry, but being on this side of the lens, it is important when someone is famous for them to be appreciative of that fame. Enough said. Here are some shots.