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Gay Men

Abbey 15 Year Anniv

Lobster Anyone?
Bobby Trendy, Brian, Friend
Chi Chi LaRue
I went last night to a private party at the Abbey. It was all decked out in white carpeting and white easy chairs. David even hired a private orchestra. It was really nice. I saw several people I knew and socialized a bit. It was strange at the end of the night when I was awaiting orders to take a photo of Christina Aguilera. However, she decided no photos to be allowed. Lets just say I was annoyed. I mean she knew there were photographers at the event. She should have been nice and allowed us to take a few select shots and been done. My opinion of a famous person drops when they are not cooperative with the media. Sorry, but being on this side of the lens, it is important when someone is famous for them to be appreciative of that fame. Enough said. Here are some shots.

Weho XXX Awards

Chi Chi LaRue

Cort Donovan and Synergy


Chris from Mike Hancock

Kris from Randy Blue

I had a nice time at the weho awards even though I did not win in my category since I think it was rigged 🙂 Anyway it was nice to see friends and enjoyed the show. Here are some samples.

Trevor Pool Party

Enjoyed a sunny afternoon in company of friendly good lookin guys at the benefit in the hills.

Wet Shorts

I went with JC and Shannon to Gauntlet for Wet Shorts Contest and had a lot of fun and saw a lot of friends. I miss the east side sometimes but still think I am happier living out west most of the time.