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It Never Rains In Southern California

Wilshire at Western
Wilshire at Western

Oh yes it does in the winter time quite often actually. ?Sometimes it even starts in November as illustrated in the following photo. ?And my thoughts on drivers that freak out in Los Angeles when it does rain. ?I have lived in Chicago, Portland, and LA now for 10 years. I speak from years of experience, knowledge, truth. People here in Los Angeles are clueless even without rain. Traffic is horrific always, and if you add rain to the equation, total disaster. However, as Sister Buffy would say “Los Angeles people do not focus outside the four walls of their vehicles because then it is not about driver/me”. Everyone here has a mild to severe case of NPD! ?There actually is a newer mental disorder that I believe is listed now in DSM V which is called “Unspecific Hollywood Generalized Personality Disorder”. ?I find that fact alone Hilarious! ?I think you have to live in Los Angeles for several years and get exposure to these people often to comprehend the sociology of it all here locally. ?I often try to explain it to people that do not live here and never do they quite get it. ?That is all for now.



Photo Events and Participation with Frontiers

I still free lance for Frontiers Magazine but since they have undergone a lot of changes like merging of two magazines, losing and adding different editors, changing formatting, and some politics , the involvement I have lately is minimal.? So I had to ask myself, do I complain to the owner (whom I have known for years) or do I just shut up, wait and go about my doing my own thing?? I decided on the latter.? The publisher did tell me to feel free to contact him at any time.? But I would rather the new editors (Aaron Drake has been the one main editor with whom I normally communicate) request event coverage from me directly since that seems to work out the best based on history with prior editors.? If they ask me to cover something, its more likely they are going to use my photos in the coming issue.? I think part of the problem is that Aaron knows I prefer to go to daytime events and not really do nightlife as much.? I am willing but prefer not to be in bars unless they specifically ask me.? I have often made my photos available after I went to an event on my own without a request even though it was not actually their assignment (for example WEHO Halloween).? But I was told when offering the photos for use, depending on the event, that there usually is no room in the upcoming issue.? They did use my Folsom Street photos, which was nice to see.? So I am thinking of some independent projects that I will be doing starting next year.? I cannot go into too many details right now but wanted to explain why it seems my photos are less and less on the blog lately.? Thank you to everyone who does come here to check on my latest work.

Installed Windows7 RTM 7600

Ok so I took a gamble here and decided to install WIN7 RTM onto my laptop.? I have been running it for 2 days.? So far the speed seems almost the same as Vista…perhaps a little faster in some areas.? The interface is really sleek and easy to navigate.? They really did fix a lot of what went wrong with Vista.? Of course?my first attempt was an upgrade to Vista?which went terribly wrong, naturally.? So I did a restore, and began to do a clean install like a smart tech.? It takes several hours to do a clean install then to reinstall all the programs and data but it seems worth it (says the lazy ex-programmer).? After reading a lot of reviews online as well as talking to a bunch of MS employees and insiders, I feel its basically going to work much better than Vista.? It is more than just?Vista-fixed.? Its actually a polished new?OS for a change without a lot of clutter and garbage under the hood.? Technically speaking, it is based on WINDOW NT 6.1 with a kernal that is much different than NT6.? I don’t think getting that technical would be helpful so moving on.

?A note about the Internet Browser though.? I found Firefox was not functioning the way I needed.? It was slow and did not display a lot of?pages correctly.? So for fun, I tried IE8.? To my surprise it has some new features that allowed me to do all things I was doing in Firefox.? I can use a lot of add-ons just like I did in Firefox.? But the main thing I like is that IE8 does not suck memory like Firefox does.? After running Firefox, with say facebook home page and perhaps two tabs of other content, for several hours, it started to freeze and use upwards of?400MB of memory.? In contrast, as I write this, after about 8 hours of up time, IE8 is using 99MB of memory?which I totally can live with.? The biggest test will come after a photo shoot and I see if Photoshop runs slow or fast or same.? I am guessing it will be faster.? So the final step over the coming months will be to buy a license for it.

New Astrology for Larry

This astrology combines western and eastern astrology. I think it is very interesting. Here is my combo sign:

The Sagittarius/Dragon

Unafraid to shine a beacon into the darkest corners of life, this Dragon most always succeeds at building a stimulating life. These people court danger, but are rarely injured. Sentimental and caring, this Sagittarius delivers on all promises.


An admirable but not always gentle character, the Sagittarius/Dragon is a warrior on the grand scale. These people are attractive and ambitious. They believe in success and forge ahead with bravura toward that aim. Never bullish or hotheaded, this character’s style is gentlemanly and dignified. Sagittarius/Dragons are not afraid of danger. They take great risks and even court peril. They dance around the flame of adventure and derring-do but they rarely get seriously burned. Dragons born in Sagittarius outwit their enemies, hoist them on their own petards and invite them to lunch the next day. Victory, after all, calls for a celebration. Nobody can match this fire-breathing powerhouse in the bedroom. Being sentimental, he or she makes much of marriage and proves an excellent parent. He likes a busy life, crowded with kin and festivity. These crowds are never invited to the bedroom. The Sag/Dragon is an arch romantic. A thousand candles lit in honor of one sexual exploit could never be enough.


Wood is characterized by the color green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood’s influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.