Mister Sister Leather 2007

Sister Unity Devine

Robert Blackmon, judge

Sister Roma, judge

Novice Sister Bubbles

Marcus gets a little frisky

The winner Boris

All previous Mister Sisters

Sister Amanda and Sister Margarita

Guard Moe Cock

I actually put on a face and went to the contest last night. I been avoiding going to the east side as well as going out really late night. However since it was a big event for the sisters, I forced myself to attend. I am a little tired today but I had a very nice time. It was good to see all the sisters and others from the east side.

Los Angeles Gay Pride

Sister Glori Aerola from Las Vegas
Sister Flora Good Thyme from San Fran
Sister Aria from Seattle
Sister Soami from Nashville
Go Go Boy Brian with Midtowne float
The week came to a close with a march down the boulevard with close to 100 sisters. We had a closing circle at the end of the march that was very nice. For those not familiar, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc. are a charity 501(3)c organization whose mission is to expiate stigmatic guilt and promulgate universal joy. They are truly a group of 21st century nuns who devote their time and money to helping others in their earthly path. It was really nice to meet al of them. I told Aria I was going to try to visit seattle soon. Something about that city has been calling me. I also have a friend who lives there that sells underpants. Anyhow, pride was okay. Its not like a real city that gets over a million people. I guess I am jaded after going to chicago, new york, and san fran on different occasions. Here are some shots.

Sisters at Highland/Hollywood

Sister Barbitchka from Berlin
Sister Raejeena Wit Envy from Las Vegas
Sisters with Clive Barker
Sisters at Kodak Theatre Stairs
Sisters performing ritual on Hollywood Blvd
Yesterday the sisters went and performed a public ritual at the highland complex while hundreds of tourists were in awe. I was dressed in my guard attire and protected the sisters from anyone who seemed threatening. For the most part, I think everyone was just thinking they were performers and just wanted photos of them and did not want to bring them any harm. here are some of the photos I took. Last night I went to a mayor reception for CSW in preparation for LA Pride. It was nice they said they all knew my work and wanted to have me present to take their photos.

Sister at Venice Beach

Sister Margarita DeVil of the Salty Rimjob
Sister Right Sarong From Tennessee

Sister Pollyanal Buttercup from San Diego

Sister Buffy Pectorella Fairietta Mega Nun-o-Rama the Rubber Maid
Sister Titania Humperpickel shows her Octopussy
I spent the afternoon during our first main event for International Conclave of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We met at Weho Park where I was asked to do a few more shots for the Icons of West Hollywood Portfolio for Carlo. He also shots some group shots of the sisters. Then once managing traffic along Venice Blvd, we finally arrived at the beach and were warmly welcomed by most of the tourists. I felt I did a good job of helping to insure the safety of the sisters as a guard should. Yesterday was a workshop at Plummer Park for all of the visiting sisters. There are going to be over 100 by week’s end. Stay tuned because the sisters are hosting some major events this coming weekend for Los Angeles Gay Pride held in West Hollywood. For more information please visit the sister website at http://www.lasisters.org