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Old Family Photos


Grandfather family…he is the one far right with circle glasses

Mom as girl

Grandma’s family…she is rear center

Grandma and Grandpa marriage photo

Mom as baby

These photos are of my family from quite a long time ago. They are hanging at my mom’s house on the wall. Some of them are as old as 1900. I find this older photographer pretty neat.

Preparing for Holidays

My Nieces
My two nieces with Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland

I am going home to visit my family for the thanksgiving holiday. It will be a nice change of pace as saint louis tends to be, well, quite midwestern. I cant wait to see my two cute nieces. I usually stay at my sister’s house, but this time I am going to stay at Mom’s. It will be interesting to see if she nags me a lot about getting a ‘real’ job. My family does not seem to understand my creative/artist path. It took me many years to come to the realization that I am not well suited for a corporate nine to five desk job. I know my photography is special, and that I have a great eye. I just keep doing what I know I was placed on earth for which is to capture people and places on camera.

Slow and Relaxed

Norman Thompson leaps off a third floor balcony on Howe Street before Lewiston Police Officer Jeff Baril can grab him in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007. Thompson, a fugitive from justice, was spotted by Lewiston Detective Sgt. Adam Higgins and fled into the three story apartment building. After Higgins and fellow officers were closing in on Thompson, he lept onto a garage roof in an attempt to escape. (Russ Dillingham/Lewiston Sun Journal)
Brannon, a model I work with

Not a lot happening over the last week since the baby shower. Just piddling with my computer and a small job over the weekend to help a model edit photos to post on myspace. That seems to be a very popular tool for social and business networking. I have a page there as well. Click to see it

Going to drag event tonight

my WeeMee
Outfest Awards Ceremony 2005 102s.jpg

Honeysuckle sent me an invitation to a performance tonight so I am going to try my best to head over there. It starts at 9pm so I should be able to resist my old lady urge to go to sleep early! I do not know why exactly, but I find drag queens interesting. I think it is because there is a paradox in that they are performers but also gender benders. I imagine some of them have difficulties in their personal lives trying to get others to understand them. I have known several of them over the years and still find it kind of tough to comprehend why someone wants to dress like the other gender, even if its only to perform. I also think a good number of drag queens are unattractive as guys and thus decide to wear all the makeup and dresses to get attention they would otherwise not receive. A perfect example of that is my friend Momma. See picture above.

Its My Birthday

And I will cry if I want to 🙂 My friend offered to take me to dinner tonight since I did not have plans. My horoscope says that today will set a pattern for the whole year so I guess I better watch what I wish for!